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It’s the day after a glorious Mozart Requiem at St. Benno and I am feeling very thankful for the many opportunities of the last few weeks and looking forward to the next couple of months. This was the second of two performances of the Mozart Requiem I was involved in. Last Sunday we were in Bad Birnbach to celebrate the choir’s 30th year anniversary. The week before saw a very successful performance of both Cantabella and Cantabella Kids at the Reese Theater in Augsburg, which will sadly be soon torn down. Last Monday, a reporter came to visit and interview me about life, singing, and the choirs I conduct. The article is due to come out this Wednesday. And now I am currently preparing for the Easter season. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday with be spent in St. Margaret in Munich, supporting the choir and on Easter Sunday I will put on my soloist hat for Michael Haydn’s Dominicus Messe in the Theatinerkirche in Munich. In May, I return to the Theatinerkirche for the Lange Nacht der Musik with Mozart’s Vespers and Cantabella and Cantabella Kids sing at the Cafe Konzert of the Musikverein Obergriesbach. At the end of May, I join the folks in Altomünster for another spring concert and then start June off on the best of feet as the soprano soloist for Bach’s ‘Wachet auf’ BWV 140. July brings a Benefit Concert and Photo shooting with Cantabella as well as a recording with the Vokalkapelle of Christmas music. But perhaps the most exciting, is the email I received recently that my recording studio efforts in March brought, finally!, a usable audio clip, which I would like to share with you.



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

It’s evening here and I’ve just finished planning a day of rehearsal for the folks in Röhrmoos tomorrow. We are rehearsing for our upcoming Advent concert. Details to be released as soon as they are finalized. Next weekend I’ll be working with the women of Cantabella in Nördlingen for the weekend. The weekend after, Cantabella Kids are on. And then. Well then- starts the craziness that is the Christmas season. A few upcoming events that might be of interest (to be updated when details are confirmed):

24.11.2018: Cantabella sings at the Christkindlesmarkt, Schützenverein Obergriesbach

25.11. 2018,17Uhr: Klangnacht at St. Stephan in Obergriesbach, Cantabella, Cantabella Kids, Solo

01. 12. 2018, 20Uhr: Cantabella and Cantabella Kids sing with the Orchestra at the MVO Adventskonzert, Gemeinschaftshaus Obergriesbach

02.12.2018 Vokalkapelle at the Theatinerkirche Munich-Hochlateinische Messe

10.12.2018, 19Uhr: Weihnachtsoratorium J.S. Bach, Vokalkapelle, Theatinerkirche Munich

26.12.2018, 10am Kempter Messe, St. Stephan, Obergriesbach

Stay tuned for events in the new year, including Mozart’s Requiem!

Looking forward to seeing you there!



At it again.. Mozart and Munich

The past few weeks have been busy! I’ve recently decided to pursue further singing opportunities and have been accepted into a program of further study with Theaterwerk Munich. Our first performance took place on July 2nd in the Großer Saal des Akademischer Gesangsverein, in which I sang Puccini’s ‘Chi il bel sogno’ from La Rondine. Our next performance will take place on the 1st and 2nd of August in the Gewölbe of the Einstein Kultur in Munich. A cave opera production based on Jules Verne’ s ‘Journey to the centre of the earth’. This time I will be performing ‘Es gibt ein Reich’ from Strauss’s Ariadne auf Naxos and the finale from Strauss’s Daphne. Part of the program includes the opportunity to work with the incomparable Felicia Weathers and Andreas Heinzmann. Program direction is by Kristina Wuss, and I’m meeting some really amazing colleagues and making some wonderful contacts.

I will also be joining the choirs of Obergriesbach and Klingen-Obermauerbach under the direction of Wolfgang Wirsching to sing the soprano soloist for Mozart’s Missa Brevis in G on July 22nd in Untermauerbach and July 29th in Obergriesbach.

Cantabella and the Röhrmonists ( who I’ve been conducting since September 2017) sang a wonderful concert at the Bürgerhaus in Zahling on June 15th and repeated the program on July 7th in Schönbrunn for their Dorffest. Cantabella kids will be performing at the opening of the new kindergarten in Obergriesbach on July 22nd with special guest Wolfgang Wirsching.

Long time, no talk

Well it looks like I’ve totally dropped the ball for more than two years here! I’m happy to report that all is well. The children are growing like weeds and are being groomed to take over the world someday.😂

I, of course, was unable to give up singing and am back to it. I’ll be doing a recording in October, which I will share here when complete, and before advent, will once again be singing Schubert’s Mass In G in Hergottsruh in the Wallfahrtskirche on Nov. 12 at 6pm. The choir for this concert is a combination of the church choirs of Obergriesbach( with whom I toured to Canada last year) and Klingen-Untermauerbach( with whom I sang in the Wieskirche a few years ago)

Cantabella and Cantabella kids, the two choirs I conduct, are also growing and preparing for an exciting fall season. Our fancy new website with updates can be found here: http://www.cantabella-obergriesbach.de/

In the Vokalkapelle in Munich I had the opportunity last year to sing as one of the soloists for the premiere of a new mass by Robert Mehlhart, our conductor, which we repeated this summer. We also had the opportunity to sing for the wedding of the Prince of Bayern in the Andechs in spring.  A benefit concert is scheduled for the middle of October.

I had a great year teaching the students of the Maria-Ward Gymnasium last year and hope to set up the new fall studio there soon.

My home studio will be moving!  We’re moving into a little house a couple of streets over and with that I will finally have an in-house studio room (ie; no longer shared with a living/dining room and dedicated entirely to musical endeavours) With the move comes a rate increase for the first time in six years. The opportunity to save a bunch is being offered with the purchase of a 10 lesson pack.( 10×30min= 175€ , 10×45min= 250€ ) Those interested in lessons can contact me by email: tucker.sandy@gmail.com

Germany is still a challenging place sometimes, but I won’t complain about rain with all of the flooding and storm danger across the ocean right now,  and the language and cultural barriers seem thinner every year. I became the mom of a school kid last September , which brought a whole new set of fun challenges but we’re feeling more in rhythm this September and I’m trying to keep up with the curriculum here.

I’ll try my best to post more regularly from now on!




New Year, New Beginnings

Well, it is a new year. With a new year comes change.

This year I have decided to spend more time on my health and to enjoy my children while they are still little. And with that, to let go of the pressure and drive to become a ‘real’ professional singer.

To say I am disenchanted with the business is a bit of an understatement. I am not getting younger and the game is no longer appealing. I have two gorgeous children who need me, a wonderful group of ladies who sing with me on Tuesday nights, a home to run, students to teach, and a life to live. I will still sing when asked and enjoy the community concerts and services that come my way. I will still head to Munich to join the folks in the Vokalkapelle at the Theatinerkirche on Sundays, when needed. I will continue to lead ‘Cantabella’ (my women’s choir in Obergriesbach) and offer my bi-annual six week course ‘Spaß am Singen?’ for the Volkshochscule Aichach-Friedberg. I will still sing. It is a part of me.

I will, however, no longer be seeking out and singing auditions, making recordings and updating resumes, wasting money or time on singing promotion, or putting myself under immense pressure to ‘realize my potential’. No. It stops now. I am letting go. That potential will not be fully realized. Because this business is WAY more than just potential and I am not willing to do ‘whatever it takes’.

All that pressure just meant I was missing life. Missing really being with my kids because I felt I should be doing something else. Something to further my career in some way. I have kept a grip on this for far too long. It’s time to loosen that grip and release the weight.

I will live in the here and now.

And I will enjoy what comes.


Hello All and Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was packed with singing Masses here, there, and everywhere. And some much needed family time.

So, I have been website-less since the middle of December. Please note that my website (www.sandratucker.ca) is no longer valid. Nor is my website email address; mail@sandratucker.ca

Unfortunately it was getting too complicated to continue my hosting with a Canadian company in Germany. In the meantime, this site will be my alternative.  Please watch for upcoming concerts and musings.

You can also contact me at sandypants5@yahoo.ca

I also have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SandraTuckerHalbfellSoprano?ref=hl

And an audio clip on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jck4DFjBxj4

Feel free to share.

Thanks so much!



Christmas Concerts

T’is the season for work! Here is a list of concerts during the Christmas season (some of these have already happened but were a lot of work and therefore are included for the credit!)

23.11.14 Klangnacht: Director of Cantabella

29.11.14 Musikverein Obergriesbach Adventsfeier: Director of Cantabella and Kinderchor Obergriesbach

30.11.14 Mozartchor Augsburg; Machet die Tore Weit: Soprano soloist and choral support in Telemann’s Advent Kantata ‘Hosianna dem Sohne David’ and M.A. Charpentier’s  ‘Canticum in nativitatem Domini’

21.12.14  10:30 Vokalkapelle: Messe zur Advent in der Theatinerkirche

21.12.14 16:00 St. Stephan Kirchenchor Obergriesbach:  Adventsmesse in der Fuggerkirche, Augsburg

24.12.14 22:00 Kirche St. Stephan Obergriesbach: Soprano Soloist for Heiligabend

25.12.14 10:00 Kirche Igenhausen: Soprano soloist, Reimann Messe

26.12.14 10:30 Kirche  St. Stephan Obergriesbach: Soprano Soloist, Kemptermesse

28.12.14 10:30 Vokalkapelle: Adventsmess in der Theatinerkirche

06.01.14 10:00 Kirche Igenhausen: Soprano soloist, Kemptermesse


That should keep me busy… 🙂



Kinderchor Obergriesbach

Well, so I realize I haven’t been on the ball with updating this page. But I promise I will be better in the future. I am making a new year’s resolution to do so!

It’s been a busy time here in the little town of Obergriesbach. I am not only conducting ‘Cantabella’, our women’s chorus, who just completed two very successful concert engagements in  November, but also the Kinderchor Obergriesbach. This is for children from 4 yrs old and we meet on Mondays from 16:30-17:15 (4:30pm-5:15pm). The children had their first concert with the women AND the brass Orchestra  of the Musikverein Obergriesbach on November 29th. It was my debut conducting an orchestra (quite the experience for me) and conducting a children’s choir. They were totally awesome. Besides the fact that they were absolutely adorable (seriously, is there anything more adorable than a children’s choir?), they sang their hearts out. And noone cried. Phew! It was a really cool experience for them to sing with the Orchestra and they were totally fascinated with all of the instruments. And considering they are only seven children so far, they totally sang over it. It was a special occasion for me especially as my daughter sang in the choir and we had our first concert together. I hope there are many more of those to come.


I am pleased to announce that our Women’s Choir is going strong. We now have almost fifteen members and our first concert last night was FULL! We had a wonderful evening singing and were even asked for an encore! We of course obliged with another rendition of Abba’s ‘Thank you for the Music’! We have also chosen a new name for ourselves; Cantabella. We are looking for about five more singers to join us in the fall.  And already planning our Christmas concert!

Thanks to all who came out last night and supported the choir as well as my solo singers and myself.  T’was a wonderful evening indeed!